We talk a lot about the "guest experience" here at Karson Butler Events.  The first impressions and small personalized touches are what your guests will remember and talk about long after your wedding is over.   Including children at your wedding is a personal decision, but if you do decide to invite kids, take advantage of the opportunity to build a very special experience just for them.  Believe us, they'll love you for it and have memories to last a lifetime!  Kids love to feel special and included in the fun!

A few ideas from a few of our recent weddings:

Bride Ali hand painted a tee pee for her young guests to watch movies in!

Jotika and Matt had personalized wedding activity bags for each kid at their wedding made by etsy vendor Petite Cadeau - how adorable are these filled with DC coloring books to keep kids occupied!

Bride Lauren picked adorable bow ties for her dapper nephews!  With special outfits and boutonnieres just like the big guys, they were super proud to be included in the wedding party!

Amber and I have the fondest memories of being flower girls when we were seven years old.  I can still remember dancing with all the "big kids" and thinking the bridesmaids were the coolest gals ever. :)   -EB


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