I love traveling, but I hate road trips.  I know, I know - for someone who's spent a career traveling around, you'd think I'd like to be in a car.  But I confess - I just don't enjoy it.  I love traveling - but the "getting there" part, just isn't for me.  I have a short attention span and I usually start to have a melt down around hour four.  But there is ONE thing about road trips that just can't be beat - an impromptu stop at a vintage store, thrift shop or good-ol-fashioned yard sale.  The "Quick! Pull Over!" moments are usually when I find the best stuff.  Today I thought I'd share with you my latest finds.

A few weeks ago we were up in the Fingerlakes region of upstate New York for our friend's wedding.  It was our first time there and we were super impressed with the adorable town and gorgeous Skaneateles lake! We had passed this warehouse barn a few times and on our last day, I pulled a "Quick! Pull over Adam!"  He obliged (who could say no to a lifesize Ronald McDonald waving you in?) and off we went inside.  Adam totally took one for the team and was a great listener to the old man running the store while I shopped around.  Clearly, there weren't too many visitors and this sweet man was just happy to have company.  We passed on many treasures, but did end up purchasing a Federal style convex mirror!  I've been wanting one of these for a while, so I was happy to finally have one to bring home!

This past weekend I had another "Quick! Pull Over!" moment.  Capitol Hill was plastered with signs for an estate sale on 11th Street.  If you were anywhere on the Hill this weekend you likely saw the signs (kudos to the estate sale company's marketing team - the signage worked!)  It was early enough in the day (key to scoring the good stuff before things are picked over) so although I was on my way to help Emily move, I decided to do a little shopping instead. This was one of the better sales I've been to, and I scored a few vintage treasures:

Brass Arrow BookendsThe first score of the day was this pair of brass arrow bookends.  Fabulous, right?  Estate sales are sometimes intimidating  - a lot of foot traffic maneuvering through room to room and a little bit of competitive shuffling throughout someone else's stuff. Well, luckily these bookends we're tucked away being functional and holding up books, so I spotted them first. LOVE. And for $36 I think they are quite a bargain. How perfect would they be with the Scalamandre Zebra wallpaper? I'm fairly certain these will be living in my newly refreshed kitchen to hold cookbooks.  If only I cooked.  Or had cookbooks.  Stay tuned!

Vintage Decanter Music Box

The second treasure of the weekend was this vintage decanter - which I almost didn't get.  Emily's been obsessed with the idea of having a vintage bar cart for the better part of two years now (we're still on the hunt for the right one!) and this decanter would be perfect to put on top of it. I sent her a text picture of the item and right after I sent it she called.  She told me I better finish up because Adam (while hauling loads to and from the U-Haul) got wind that I was shopping instead of helping and that I better not "be buying a bunch of stuff when we are trying to get rid of things."  I paid for my bookends and left the estate sale.  When I arrived at the new apartment and showed Emily the picture of the decanter, she said she never received my picture text and how could I ever pass on such a cool unique item? Ugh.  I knew it.  Vintage treasure hunting rule #1 - trust your gut.  Well, lucky enough, we drove back to the estate sale a few hours later and it was still there. Fate.  It was meant to be ours.  We picked up the decanter and music started playing.  The vintage decanter was also a music box?! Amazing. We paid $45 and I believe this is valued 10x that - not that we'd ever get rid of it.

Vintage treasure hunting rule #2 - show restraint.  Just because something is cool, doesn't mean you NEED it.  Here are a few items I passed on:

Photo Jul 14, 11 15 55 PM 1. Loved the typeset on these vintage poker chips. I don't play, but I have a little remorse over this skipping this one. The green velvet lined box was just oh-so-pretty.

2. Although these vintage bottles were cool (I especially loved the vintage milk bottles), they didn't fit my collection of purple bottles so I decided to pass.

3. I especially liked the urn candles, but they were gone when we went back.

4. I thought this birdcage would look cool with a fern inside?

5. I love Nanette Lepore.  It was my size too!

6. We were just talking to our clients Tina & Ricky about how we need a picnic basket. This one was a little larger than I'm looking for.

What is your favorite vintage find?

P.S. We're cleaning the design studio and working on summer sale - clearing out many event and craft items. Stay tuned for more info!


  1. Carlene: Healthfully Ever After/ Reply

    Antique stores are the best for home accessories! I love the guarantee that you’re not getting the same stupid coffee table accessory that every blogger has. This weekend I scored a brass turkish stool for $65!

  2. Christie/ Reply

    We love going to the monthly Sacramento Antique Fair a few times a year. Vintage jewelry and fly fishing gear are what catches our eye!

    • Amber

      So fun, Christie! You were always the best vintage shopper!! I’m currently on the hunt for cool fishing flies for an upcoming wedding!

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