I've seen many posts this week on "Friendsgiving" festivities.  A chance for friends to gather before the holiday and celebrate together.  These various instagrams, facebook posts, and tweets have me reflecting on my previous Thanksgiving festivities and missing California a little bit today.

Having lived in beautiful sunny Southern California, my Thanksgiving festivities often included outdoor celebrations with my neighbors.  They are like family to me and I was so lucky to celebrate with them each year. Our common grounds in front of our small cottages (once an active bed & breakfast built in the early 1900s) served as the perfect backdrop for our Thanksgiving feast each year. Since cooking was a skill I was born without, I would always help where I could (as in = purchase wine and flowers). I always had fun going to the flower market and finding something new to order and try.  This week, I stumbled upon a few photos from 2009 -- my last Thanksgiving in CA with my neighbors.  What I loved most about this evening was the pureness and  simplicity.   There are a few small touches of "decor", but certainly not fancy chairs, linens, or place cards.  We mixed my neighbor Kelly's grandmother's china with my  square Target plates -- not because it was cool to mix & match, but because we needed enough place settings as we continued to invite friends that didn't have any plans.  We picked rosemary from a bush in the front yard I passed everyday to check my mail which dressed up the white napkins I couldn't get wrinkles out of at the last minute.   I rented plastic white chairs because that is what my "decor" budget could afford.   Yet -- in its own non-perfect way, it was perfect.  The friendship, love, and thanksgiving filled the backyard with joy.  And yes, fast forward three years and I would likely do somethings a little different in terms of  decor (at least upgrade to padded wood chairs!). It is a good reminder that though we might like cooking the "perfect" meal or  creating the "perfect" place setting this holiday, it's the people sitting at the table that are so much more important.  I miss my neighbors and friends dearly and hope they have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

This year, Amber and I have much to be thankful for.  To  the talented vendors we work with on each event - THANK YOU.  From the line cooks and bartenders, servers, catering managers,  hair and make up artists, bridal dress consultants, invitation designers, calligraphers, florists, shuttle drivers, musicians and photographers (the list goes on and on)  -- it takes an army and we couldn't do what we do without you.  To our family and friends - THANK YOU.  Your support and encouragement means the world to us.  Extra special thanks to Amber's husband Adam for everything he does for us.  We don't tell you thank you often enough. And finally, to our amazing clients - THANK YOU. Thank you for putting trust in us to help create a magical celebration for you and your loved ones.   We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving. Cheers! -EB

Happy Thanksgiving!


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