Pantone announced its color of the year this morning and we couldn't be more excited...
No surprise that we're fans of the green hue here at Karson Butler Events, just look around our office today:

From top left, clockwise: 1. Kobe loves green too 2. Succulent favors left over from a wedding 3. Our industrial coffee table from Trohv is the perfect shade of green 4. La Tavola's New York Emerald green swatch on our linen wall 5. Boxwood 6. Em's green Burberry bag 7. My green scarf 8. We love vintage green glass.  And gummy bears.

We've long designed around a palette of greens, and are excited to see how Emerald tones might infuse themselves into the event industry and design world this coming year.

Header image via Pantone's website.  All other's taken on Em's iphone this morning!






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