Friday we picked up keys to our new design studio!  While we each loved working from our own home offices, we were in desperate need of additional space.  We wouldn't dream of having an office anywhere other than our own neighborhood here on Capitol Hill.  I'm a big believer of saying your goals out loud and putting things out into the universe for hope they'll come back to you.  For us, once we took the leap of faith, the search happened quite quickly and we were lucky to find the PERFECT design studio in the neighborhood - an original carriage house from 1900.  It is so "us."  It has white brick walls, dark wood lived-in floors and is truly a blank slate.  We're a block and a half from The Supreme Court, and a stone's throw from the U.S. Capitol Building.  The location is a dream and since we can both walk here from our respective homes, it is even better than we could have asked for!

You can imagine the joy on my husband's face as we moved boxes and boxes of stuff out of the house!  He's already rearranged the furniture and staking claim to my former office!  It will take us a while to get fully moved in -- we're still finishing up a wonderfully busy fall season -- but we look forward to organizing, decorating and putting our touch on this amazing raw space! We'll be sure to keep you posted on how the space is coming together here on the blog!- AK


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