We were happy to help My Deejay and Booth-o-Rama celebrate their ten & five year anniversaries last week.  We loved designing in Eastern Market's North Hall - a Capitol Hill favorite of ours.  We took full advantage of the vaulted ceilings, drawing the eye upward with vertical strands of lanterns. This is a wonderful venue for a rehearsal dinner, wedding reception or party and we were excited to show off the space to over 200 industry friends.

eli_20130821_00121 eli_20130821_00071

Eastern Market Wedding Special Event Venue_6To see more images from this party (from the talented Eli Turner), visit the official post event website at http://djphotoboothdc.com  & check-out this event video from Suburban Video:

Wonder how an event like this comes together?  Huge thanks to Eric at John Farr Lighting for helping us with installation. Here's a peek behind the scenes!  Emily can now add "riding a scissor lift" to her resume!

Photo Aug 22, 9 52 13 AMCongrats again to the teams at My Deejay and Booth-o-Rama!  Cheers to many more successful years ahead!



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