We're so excited to officially introduce you to our new summer intern, Jessica.  This summer, Jess will be shadowing us on all aspects of our event planning business - attending all prospective and existing client meetings, helping us develop planning & design materials, wedding prep and onsite assistance, blog & website management, industry networking, and learning all the behind-the-scenes moving parts of running a small business!  We get tons of inquires for interns, and Jess stood out above the rest - we're thrilled with what we've seen so far!   So, without further ado, please meet Jess, who has provided us with 25 things you may not know about her:



1.         I was born in Bronxville, NY and grew up in Ridgefield, CT

2.         My younger brothers are 16 year old twins

3.         I still have yet to ride in the car while one of them is driving because I'm terrified

4.         I have kept the two same best friends I had since elementary school

5.         I'm still in denial about the fact that I'll be a senior at Elon University in the fall

6.         I'm currently president of my sorority, Alpha Xi Delta

7.         I live in an off campus house with three of the most wonderful friends and roommates

8.         We watch an embarrassing amount of romantic comedies

9.         My parents are high school sweethearts and have been married for 30 years

10.      I have been skiing at Stratton Mountain, Vermont with my family since I was five

11.      I worked at an amazing florist throughout high school called Rodier Flowers

12.      When I worked there this would change on a regular basis, but right now my favorite flowers are peonies

13.      I broke my shoulder on the high jump in middle school and my gym teacher thought I was faking it so I could go home

14.      I love to travel and dream of living in Italy for a little while

15.      When I worked for The Switch Beverage Company I was able to photograph my friends for an advertisement

16.      I have a new found obsession with Zara

17.      My friends say I’m addicted to Thai food

18.      I LOVE Washington, DC after only living here a couple weeks

19.      The first real wedding I ever attended was for Karson Butler Events this summer and they did a phenomenal job

20.      I can't resist chocolate covered strawberries

21.      I receive photos of my two springer spaniels, Chester and Cailee, from my family on a daily basis and can’t get enough

22.      Disneyworld is one of my favorite places and we spent last Christmas there

23.      I have a collection of all 50 state quarters... a little nerdy but I’m still proud

24.      I love flying more than any other form of transportation

25.       Amber and Emily are BOTH the nice twin and have been the best part of my summer in DC



  1. Chris walker/ Reply

    Hi Jess
    It’s Mrs Walker……loved meeting you in sunny Barbados ..and loved reading about you at this wonderful internship site. I wish you success and happiness as you experience DC and all is has to offer.
    My ONLY question is….ask Amber and Emily if I am too old to be an intern too!!!

  2. Jess Bova/ Reply

    Hi Mrs. Walker… I’m so happy you checked out the blog- your comment made my morning! Hope you are having a wonderful summer. See you soon!!

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