We are so excited to introduce our KBE Summer Trio Team: Emily Haworth, Melanie Mabry, and Lauren Cohune! These three girls landed our coveted associate positions for the summer season and are split between the East and West Coasts with us. We are enjoying exposing them to the ins and outs of the wedding industry, as well as what it takes to run a small business!

Get to know our fun and creative team of girls below:

Emily Haworth (KBE West)

A soon-to-be senior at Cal Poly SLO, Emily knew she'd want nothing more than to spend her summer on the #kbewest team learning and assisting her former professor Amber Karson! When she's not juggling her internship and second job, you can find her adventuring along the central coast or making videos for her music Instagram. She adores everything events-related and can't wait to go to some concerts this summer and work the big wedding the team has been planning!

Hometown: Danville, CA (Bay Area)

Education: California Polytechnic State University, B.S. in Experience Industry Management (in progress), Double Concentration of Event Planning Management + Hospitality and Tourism Management

#goals: Write an album, Travel to Greece and Italy, Define "girl boss"

I simply can’t resist… A giant turkey deli sandwich paired with doritos

What show are you currently binging on? Nashville on CMT! Country music is my happy place. I’m also binge watching Gossip Girl for the second time!

What is something people may not know about you? I love to sing but don’t do it often because I have terrible stage fright. However, I performed for the first time at the San Luis Obispo Farmer’s Market recently and had a blast!!

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon? If I'm not working, you can find me sleeping in, hitting the dog beach in Avila, and then off to happy hour with my friends of course! 

Favorite florals:
Peonies and dahlias.. drooool

I’m totally addicted to...
Candles, Barre, and my headphones 

Words I use way too often:
Dude and like. It's not cute hahah

Favorite Snack/Candy: I could eat bacon and chocolate chip cookie dough forever and ever but my favorite candy is Reese’s sticks – basically a sexy combo between a Reese’s and a Kit Kat. 

You’re singing in the shower… What’s playing?
Maren Morris or John Mayer. I straight up belt into my makeshift microphone shampoo bottle every morning!

What made you fall inlove with KBE? I took Amber’s first Special Event Planning class at Cal Poly and was completely blown away by her knowledge, passion, and previous experience and knew that I had to be apart of the team. Also, I just love her inspiring energy and drive as a leader. I’m looking forward to working with and learning from Emily later on in the summer and the rest of the KBE team on the East Coast!

Who else in our industry inspires you?
Rachel Lunghi of Lace and Likes / Siren & Floral Co. Her floral design and work is incredible. I’ve been a fan ever since my cousin worked weddings with her! She is such a talented woman.

Lauren Cohune (KBE East)

Living on the central coast of California for nearly all her life, Lauren decided to pack her bags and move across the country for the summer. Leaving behind the beach, her twin sister, and beautiful 75 degree weather, she set out to learn the ins and outs of the event planning industry. She’s so excited to be a part of the #kbeeast team and experience life in Washington, DC for the first time!

Hometown: San Luis Obispo, California

Education: Experience Industry Management, Cal Poly San Luis Obispo 

#goals: Cooking without a recipe and becoming a yogi someday.

I simply can’t resist... Farmers Markets. A trip to Yosemite Valley. Brown Butter Cookie Co.

What show are you currently binging on? Gossip Girl. Xoxo.

What is something people may not know about you? I have flown a plane before! Getting my private pilot’s license is high up on my bucket list.

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon? If I’m not at the beach or on a hike, you can find me sailing in the Santa Barbara Harbor with my dad. One day I hope to sail all the way to Hawaii! Call me crazy.

Favorite florals: The classic pink Peony will always have my heart.

I’m totally addicted to... Anything cactus print, DIY projects, and taking photos of my golden retriever, Howie.

Words I use way too often: I literally say literally way too much.

Favorite Snack/Candy: Trader Joe’s peanut butter cups or a bowl of plain old chocolate ice cream. I can’t choose!

You’re singing in the shower... What’s playing? September by Earth, Wind & Fire. It always puts me in a good mood.

What made you fall in love with KBE? I was inspired by their story. Being a twin myself, I love the fact that Emily and Amber are business partners who work together every day to bring creativity and originality to events around the world!

Who else in our industry inspires you? In the time that I have been living in DC, I have discovered KT Merry Photography. I absolutely adore their work and their inspirational values of embracing adventure, creating meaningful experiences, and preserving authenticity in every shot. Each photo is gorgeous and truly incredible!

Melanie Mabry (KBE West)

A recent graduate from Cal Poly, Melanie is spending the next six months saving up for her big move to Australia this January. Rather than jump head first into a career, she is taking a little time to explore the world and maybe pick up a little Australian accent along the way. Always one to busy herself, Melanie somehow manages to balance the responsibilities of four jobs, family and friends, and exciting events too. She is always plugging new activities into her bursting calendar and making an effort to discover and appreciate the opportunities around her. Working at the KBE Ah Louis Store this summer, she helps people put together fun party themes, learns the nitty gritty of running a small business, and consistently resists the urge to buy every item in sight!

Hometown: Rocklin, CA

Education: California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo – B.S. Psychology, Minor in Graphic Communication

#goals: Hike in every US National Park. There’s something so grounding and awe-inspiring in experiencing the parks. I’d also like to visit all fifty states someday – I’m about halfway there!

I simply can’t resist… See’s Candies Butterscotch Squares

What show are you currently binging on? Game of Thrones

What is something people may not know about you? I am a certified fitness instructor for LesMills BodyPump and I teach at the Cal Poly Rec Center!

Where can we find you on a Saturday afternoon? Ideal answer: Avila Beach with a book or out on a camping trip. Real answer: Work

Favorite florals: Peonies and roses. I love to take home discarded centerpieces after events and make new bouquets at home!

I’m totally addicted to...
Pinterest, chocolate, spin class, to-do lists, wall calendars, and sticky notes.

Words I use way too often:
“Shocked and concerned” is an inside joke I have with some friends that we refer to all the time.

Favorite Snack/Candy: I go through very distinct phases. Currently I’m hooked on Pecan Bear Apples from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory and Whalebird Kombucha.

You’re singing in the shower… What’s playing?
Whatever I’ve recently downloaded on Spotify or my forever go to, John Mayer.

What are you most excited about during your summer with KBE? Amber and Emily have built such an amazing business and brand so just being around them to absorb knowledge is an amazing opportunity. The event I am most excited for is our huge wedding in August which will truly be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Who else in our industry inspires you? Sinclair & Moore Events. They do they most beautiful floral work and have such elegant style. I have followed them since I was in high school and it would be such a dream to attend one of their wedding workshops in Seattle. They also have an incredible Instagram feed.


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