Adam and I have been putting off the fence refresh project for some time as I had a hard time deciding on a color stain. After a lot of thinking and browsing Pinterest, I came across an image of a black wood painted fence that stood out - so rare in a sea of browns. I liked the fact that a super dark fence allows greenery to really pop too, which was one of our goals out back. We decided on the color "SLATE" - Adam really wanted to use a two-in-one stain/sealer that allowed wood grain to show through vs. paint.  After the second coat, Adam knew it wasn't dark enough for me, and continued on for a total of five coats to get the look I loved.  What a great husband!  Photo Aug 17, 6 58 31 PMI love how something as simple as a paint color can totally refresh a space. We had the backside of the neighbor's fencing, and I always hated the way this was so obvious. The new darker color camouflages the unsightly beams and allows our plants to be the stars. We've put a ton of "sweat equity" into the backyard since we purchased the house 4 years ago - one day I'll blog the entire before and after pictures!  We're so close to being "done" with the backyard refresh project (an extension of our kitchen refresh project from this spring - the kitchen opens up to our backyard, so naturally we wanted to spruce it up a little too!) Up next on our list - trimming the evergreen trees we planted two years ago into spiral topiaries and finding unique planter boxes for additional trees. I'm thinking of adding a couple olive or lemon trees to our mix - we'll see how that search goes!


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