In May we were invited up to New York City to film a LIVE segment on The Knot's web show! As a "VIP Visionary" we were able to share our design tips with the Knot audience. This was a huge honor, as previous guest visionaries included some of the most respected planners in the business including Sharon Sacks, David Tutera, Shawn Rabideau and more! Filming live for the first time was quite the adventure and we enjoyed every second of our time with the Knot staff!  Can't wait to visit NYC again soon!


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    Created the greatest artcelis, you have.

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    Wazzup Fellow Writer, What you ?just written here rellay have me interested up to the last sentence, and I hafta say to you I rarely finish the entire post of blogs ’cause I often got sick and tired of the junk that is presented to me on a daily basis and then I just end up checking out the pictures and the headlines and so on. But your headline and the first few rows were exceptional and it right on the spot tuned me on your stedle. Thanks for tearing me out of this boring world! Thanks, rellay.

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