We were flattered when Studios Magazine reached out to us to feature our design studio in their Fall 2013 issue.  Sold at craft & art stores nationwide, Studios focuses on the creative lives of artists and makers across various professions.  Their editor stumbled across pictures of our design studio holiday open house on Pinterest, and soon we were collaborating with the magazine on a fun shoot of our space!

Studios Magazine Pg 66 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 67 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 68 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 69 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 70 Karson Butler Events

Studios Magazine Pg 71 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 72 Karson Butler Events Studios Magazine Pg 73 Karson Butler Events

And when we were asked to contribute our favorite local shopping spots, you know we had to give shout out to our neighborhood favorite Eastern Market:
Studios Magazine Pg 141 Karson Butler EventsHuge thanks to Jodi Miller Photography for the gorgeous photographs & Amie Decker Beauty for helping us feel beautiful!  You all are the best!

So keep your eyes out for this great glossy next time you are at Michaels or your local craft store!  You can also purchase a copy of the magazine in hard copy or pdf by clicking here.

Studios Magazine Cover Karson Butler Events


  1. Tara Welch/ Reply

    OMG! Love this! Many congrats to two rad ladies! Miss y’all!!! xoxoox

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  3. Jodi/ Reply

    Congrats again!! We loved working on this shoot with you and are so honored to know you ladies! Keep up the great work….y’all are the best 🙂

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    […] today’s Fashion Friday I am sharing about the very fashionable girls from Karson Butler Events.  Amber Karson and Emily Butler are twin sisters and run a fabulously successful event planning […]

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