Our first job 20 years ago was picking blackberries (ollalieberries to be exact) at a friend's family berry patch.  Emily and I had just made the cheerleading team and we worked all summer to pay for our uniforms. Those hot summer days with the Sacramento Valley sun beating down were easily some of the hardest we've ever worked.

Photo Jun 15, 1 35 33 PM (1)This weekend we took my niece to Butler Orchard's in Maryland to pick strawberries. I love that there are places like this that give city-dwellers an opportunity to experience agriculture first hand. My niece adopted a "pick-one-eat-one" approach - who can blame her?! My in-laws were in town from Pennsylvania and also joined us for the fun family outing at the strawberry patch. It was wonderful to have the day off to spend time with them. Huge thanks to Emily who helped kick off the first of Meant To Be's Calligraphy classes at our design studio Saturday morning while I enjoyed the day off.

Strawberry Picking at Butler's Orchard
While driving home that afternoon, the smell of warm berries in the backseat brought back fond memories of life in our small hometown of Biggs and growing up in a wonderful farming community.  While our path has taken us far from home,  Emily and I never lose sight of where we came from and are forever grateful for the opportunities that community gave us.  We value hard work, dreaming big, helping your neighbors and appreciating the simplest of gifts...  like fresh-picked berries on a summer evening.



  1. Brittany/ Reply

    I have such great memories at Butler’s Orchard! It’s around the corner from where I grew up…literally! Looks like you ladies had fun!!

    • Amber

      What a wonderful spot to grow up in Brittany! It was my first time there – so charming!

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