from Amber

Emily’s ability to connect with people is unlike anything I’ve ever seen. From our clients to our diverse vendor partners, Emily effortlessly finds a way to draw people in. She’s dynamic, smart and savvy. Perhaps from her years working in brand for a Fortune 50 company, Emily is always an advocate for the “experience” factor at our events. What will the guests at the event think and feel? What will their first impression be? I will forever be grateful to Emily for taking a leap of faith with me, and making this dream of entrepreneurship a reality. She teaches me something new and challenges me everyday.

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from Emily

Amber is definitely the quieter twin. She won’t be the first to tell you about her decade-plus experience planning amazing events around the world in places like India or London - events most event planners would dream of planning! She also wouldn't tell you about the impressive clientele she’s rubbed elbows with, or that she’s a CMP (one of the highest designations a meeting & event planner can earn in our industry). But, Amber doesn’t need to vocalize all that – her wealth of experience and creativity and passion are evident in everything she touches. I couldn’t be more proud of my sister, whom I learn from daily.

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  • ak:I’m often asked what it is like to work alongside my twin sister. Since we’ve been collaborating together our entire lives, I can’t imagine it any other way. But, we’ve come a long way from our early event planning days as kids…
  • eb:…Yes, those were the days – from orchestrating neighborhood Christmas performances in the dining room, to dressing up our little sister for our own photo shoots, to organizing high school homecoming activities – we’ve been collaborating together for as long as I can remember!!
  • ak:As twins, we’ve always been each other’s biggest cheerleaders AND worst critics! We are very alike but also very different, and bring a fresh perspective to every situation.
  • eb:We can walk into the same space and envision something very different, and because of that dynamic, we are able to deliver an exceptionally passionate, well thought through event plan for each of our clients.
  • ak:When one of us has a crazy amazing idea, the other stops and figures out how to make it happen! After 30+ years together, we’re so lucky to apply this unique partnership to a business – and not just any business, but one that allows us to design beautiful, highly personalized events for our clients.