Last week, Sapore had us over to celebrate the store's upcoming one year anniversary and the introduction of their guest favor and wedding registry program. Located on Capitol Hill near Eastern Market, we've loved having Sapore in the neighborhood and it is our go-to spot for a quick hostess gift or present. We LOVE that they are now offering gift certificates, online shopping and a wedding registry program. As the trend for the average age of couples getting married gets older, we find that many clients don't necessarily need a new toaster or crockpot as they already have stocked kitchens.  Instead, they're looking for creative registry ideas and Sapore's collection of artisanal oils, vinegars and sea salts is perfect to stock up the pantry! Sapore also has a curated collection of speciality foods like pastas, spreads and beautiful serving dishes too!  Their new smaller sized bottles with custom labeling are perfect for guest favors or welcome bags too!

Emily's favorites included tomato and mozzarella drizzled with basil olive oil and sprinkled with black sea salt.  My favorite find included butter olive oil -- poured over fresh popped popcorn, it is divine and just as good as the real thing! Oh, and then for fun, let's just sprinkle a little black truffle salt over this combo.  Life changing, people!  You must try!   They also have a substitution chart card for using in lieu of real butter in baking.  Fabulous!  For dessert, how good do strawberries tossed in chocolate balsamic and served over vanilla ice-cream sound?  We also tried & purchased the most fabulous pear honey they sell in the shop to pair with cheeses.  After leaving Sapore we stopped at a nearby restaurant for a cheese and charcuterie board (our favorite snack) and may or may not have busted out the pear honey that was in our bag.  It was just that good and the temptation was too hard to resist!

If you haven't stopped into Sapore before, it is definitely worth a trip! They let you sample the oils, vinegars and salts and their knowledgeable staff can suggest menu pairings and quick-and-easy ways to dress up your dinner.  Because let's face it, we're all busy and the last thing we want to do is be in the kitchen all day.  Their collection of flavored oils can turn you into a gourmet chef in a matter of minutes.

Thank you to Renee and team for a fabulous evening!

P.S. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!

All photos via Amber's iPhone with the exception of building exterior photo and map which are via Sapore's website. 



  1. Renee Farr/ Reply

    Thank you Amber & Emily, for coming by! We love that you had so much fun in the store!

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