This weekend, we pause to say thank you to the men & women (and their families) who have bravely served our country.   Thank you for your dedication and sacrifice.


Kirsten & Russell, United States Army. Photo by Jodi Miller Photography.

Sandie & Alan, United States Marine Corps


  1. Kathi/ Reply

    Thank you Amber and Emily for helping us create a perfect wedding last year! Kirsten and Russ are both in Afghanistan right now so we appreciate the remembrance.

  2. car ins quotes in Alexandria, VA/ Reply

    I looked at THN & they haven't unveiled everyone else yet but, come on. We're behind Toronto, Atlanta, Carolina & Tampa? After that you have last years playoff teams so I would understand 9th or 10th but I can't see all of those teams leapfrogging us. I know Atlanta made some moves but I'll believe it when I see it.

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