Hi everyone - if you're following our social media feeds, you've noticed that Kobe is in the doggy hospital right now. Thank you for all the love and kind messages. We appreciate each and every prayer and good wish sent our way. We're not quite sure what is wrong with him, but even at 14 years young Kobe is a trooper and as lovable as ever even when he isn't feeling his best. We're hopeful that he'll recover soon and be back to himself - but we have to take it one day at a time. Thank you to the amazing vets who dedicate their lives to ensure our puppy friends are cared for.  We know he is making a lot of new friends tonight and although we are sad he's not at home right now, we know this is necessary while the vets determine what might be wrong and how to best treat him. We love you Kobe - goodnight!
Karson Butler Events; May 15, 2013Photo by Jodi Miller Photography.



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