Congrats to our home team Washington Nationals for a wonderful Opening Day! Bryce Harper hit two home runs during his first two at-bats - what a great way to start the season! My husband is a big baseball fan, and while I love to watch the game too, I love the experience of going to the ballpark even more! My inner cheerleader gets excited when I see a sea of people wearing the same team colors - Go Nats! And let's face it - who can resist the free hall pass to indulge in stadium snack food all in the name of a national past time! I love spring and the start of baseball season.  We're so lucky to live on Capitol Hill - a quick walk to the ballpark. There is always an excitement in the air on game days.  Looking forward to a great 2013 season. Let's go Nats!

 Picture from Amber's iPhone taken earlier today at Opening Day.



  1. Healthfully Ever After/ Reply

    Woo woo! Go Nats! I can’t wait to book a few more games this year.

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