We're blushing over the nice note we received from the mother of the bride of one of our recent weddings at The National Museum of Women in the Arts here in DC:

It was a wonderful wedding and you did a great job for us, thank you so much!!  There were many details that you took care of that made it where my husband and I got to have a great time!!  I can think of many specifics - the grandparents in a car back to the hotel, the groom's suitcase to the bridal suite, decorating the departure pedicab, taking care of the flowers from the church to the reception, the heirloom hanky's survival...!!!  I am positive there were MANY things that came up through out the day and evening that I am unaware of, that you took care of.  Thank for taking care of them, it was greatly appreciated!  It was interesting to see our friend's faces when we got home and they asked how the wedding went and our response was that "it was just so much fun", they looked surprised.  I guess most of them only have the experience of being sad, emotional, relieved and exhausted - I don't know.  But, we had a great time and I know it is because I didn't worry about anything.  Thank you for your calmness!  I enjoyed getting to put my trust in you the entire time.

It was our pleasure to work with such a great family from Texas!


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