Hope you all enjoyed the Easter weekend! One of my highlights was watching Grand Budapest Hotel at the movie theater with my husband Adam. Wes Anderson is a creative genius my opinion, and how he makes film look like a living painting still blows my mind movie after movie! Grand Budapest might be my favorite yet - the visuals were absolutely out of dream. I'm a hotel snob at heart, so a movie that pokes fun at the hospitality industry was absolutely perfect in my book!


Throughout the movie, color combination after combination stood out to me. So pretty!

Grand Budapest Hotel InspirationWes Anderson just knows how to make red work. Love it paired with purples and pinks and gold. I can't be the only one who watched this movie this weekend and wants to paint something high gloss red?! If you're looking for a little visual design inspiration, go out and see this wonderful comedy!-AK



  1. Sofia/ Reply

    Me and André went to see it a couple of weeks ago!!! We absolutely LOVED it!!!!

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