This week Southern Weddings unveiled its latest issue - V5 - and threw a heck of a party down in North Carolina to celebrate.  Emily and I unfortunately couldn't attend, but we were thrilled to hear that our former intern extraordinaire Rachael would be happy to snap a few pics to share with all of you!  Rachael, who is the epitome of sweet Southern goodness, is finishing up her last semester at Elon University and is a NC native.  Our time together this summer was just too short and we miss her southern drawl daily.

Take it away Rachael:

Hey, y'all!
It feels oh so good to be blogging for what is now Karson Butler Events! My how fast things grow in just a few short months. I miss you two like crazy, and it was so refreshing to be back in the wedding buzz at the Carolina Inn last night! I was honored and blessed to have met beautiful women who have worked hard to make many beautiful things happen. The night was full of salty and savory southern foods such as a biscuit bar, chicken and waffles, "make your own hot chocolate" station, cotton candy, mini apple pies, mashed sweet potatoes, and obviously much much more. Gold glittered linens, cornhole boards, music played on a banjo, cotton floral arrangements, and candles set the mood for this special southern celebration! It was priceless. 


My favorite part about the night was listening to the toasts by the SW girls-- all while enjoying an iced sweet tea with fresh mint and lemon, of course. While the glitter was amazing, and the food was to die for, what matters is something so much bigger than all the tiny details that go into planning an event or taking a picture. It's the love behind the event-behind the picture- behind the couple, that really counts. I love that the ladies at Southern Weddings believe in sweet tea, front porch chats, mama's veil, biscuits, banjos, pearls, pecans, grits, and gardenias. I love that they love magnolias, monograms, handwritten notes, manners, and giving. But most of all, I love that LOVE NEVER FAILS. What an awesome theme for this feature. Love really doesn't ever fail, y'all.

It was sweet to be reminded of that tonight. Lara and the girls said tonight, "We believe that planing for a wedding means planning for more than just one day; that there is nothing on this earth more important than family; and that, while details are nice, true love always, always wins." How true it that! My favorite thing about weddings are the floral arrangements and the creative letter pressed escort cards. While those details never get old, it's nice to be reminded every once in a while why I really am passionate about weddings and celebrations- and it's because, at the end of the day, two people are marrying their best friend. What's not to celebrate?! So, cheers to tonight! Cheers to Southern Weddings. Cheers to making beautiful things happen. Cheers to marriage. Cheers to family. Cheers to gold glitter and candle light. Cheers to photo booths and sweet tea. Cheers to Nutella in my hot chocolate. And cheers to love ALWAYS winning! 

Happy Friday, y'all, and have a blessed day!


Thanks Rachael!   She's seriously going to be a rockstar in the weddings industry one day we just can't wait to see her career blossom!

Here's a peek at the new cover!  The new issue is amazing and we're so happy to have a few of our tips featured!  Congrats to all the ladies at Southern Weddings.


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