The Knot recently interviewed us for tips on the decision to have kids or not at a wedding for an article they printed in the Spring 2016 National Issue.  They loved our tips, and the topic is on the minds of so many couples, so they decided to expand on the original article for their regional Fall/Winter 2016 issues nationwide too! This second article is titled "7 Do's and Don't for an Adult Only Wedding." It appears in all the regional issues hitting newstands now, and is available online as well,  and we couldn't be more honored to weigh-in. So we want to hear from you - kids or no-kids at the wedding!

The Knot Cover The Knot - 7 dos and donts for adult only wedding

page 2 The Knot - 7 dos and donts for adult only wedding

page 3 The Knot - 7 dos and donts for adult only wedding


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