For our "behind the scenes" posts, we thought it might be fun from time to time to share a "typical" day in the life of an event planner.  There are no such things as typical days here in our world, but we wouldn't have it any other way!  Here's what yesterday looked like:

7:00 AM Wake up, check phone for any new emails, answer anything urgent.  Browse instagram, twitter & facebook feeds to keep up to date on what everyone is up to!  Text Emily back and forth on various topics.   I need to put on make-up and get out the door!!

9:00 AM Arrive to design studio and prep for day's activities.  Squeeze in a few emails.  Amaryllis arrives with floral centerpiece for a client mock-up.  We finalize a little pop-up table to show our couple their final linen, floral and candle selection.  Print out copies of timeline to review.  Emily hurries to upload seating assignments we received overnight from the client into our software program so that we can review at the meeting and save ourselves a few emails back and forth later.   She finishes just in time!  Printer decides to jam just before meeting, so we troubleshoot that (did we mention we're also the IT department?) and are able to print out the table seating charts we sent to the printer.  Whew!

11:00 AM  Final Meeting with our amazing Inn at Perry Cabin August 24 couple Kathie & Matt.  We talk through all the final questions we had, review the preliminary BEOs, seating charts, and ooh and ahhh over the fabulous florals from Amaryllis and the La Tavola linen.  Kathie loves our choices and we feel so happy that she's so happy.  We are so excited for this one guys - you are in for a big treat!!   I take a quick call with our stationer The Dandelion Patch regarding some new additions for this order.

1098196_367396993389426_1282943254_n1:00 PM  Depart office and head downtown in our new favorite splurge, Uber, as to not have to deal with parking. Starving, we grab a quick bite at ABP, brief for our meeting and change into heels (which I'm carrying in my bag) a half a block from our destination.

2:00 PM  Meeting with the Events team at the Washingtonian offices to chat about the Unveiled show - one of DCs most anticipated bridal events of the year!  Love those gals - always so sweet and supportive!

After the meeting concludes, we decide to walk to our next meeting (we've been spending way too much on Uber and we need the exercise) and stroll through Lafayette Square. We stop and have a *pinch us* moment - how lucky are we to casually stroll by the White House walking from point A to point B.   We love to DC.  Emily makes me pose like a tourist for a photo opp.  (Note - I've changed back into my sandals for the walk, obviously.)

About two blocks later Emily realizes she has blisters on the back of her heels.  Convinces me to switch shoes with her.  Hoping for good shoe karma, I willingly give her my sandals.  Yes people, this is now shoe switch number three for me in less than two hours and a couple of city blocks.  I've obviously lived in this city longer than Em and am prepared with different shoe options in my bag!

3:00 PM We're meeting our friends Taylor and Meg from Main Event Caterers at the W for drinks at POV, who are there with other industry friends.  There is quite the buzz as Bethenny Frankel is in the building for her show premiere party later that evening.  My husband Adam spotted her out his window at the Georgetown Waterfront earlier in the day and tipped me off that she was here in DC.  No Bethenny spottings at the W unfortunately for us. We're all just happy to pause for a minute in the middle of day to relax and thankful we're not the ones having to set up the hot pink cocktail party behind us!  I forget to snap a picture of the incredible view at POV - darn, but here's a pic from my husband-turned-paparazzi:


4:30 PM Emily and I part ways.  She's headed back to the design studio to prep for a 6:00 PM meeting with one of our September clients. I order an Uber and head to Friendship Heights. Luckily my driver has an iphone charger as I'm on my last few bars. I answer emails in the car ride and arrive to my destination early. Pop into J Crew and find what would be the new perfect black dress with pockets, but it only comes in red.  Bummer. We're always looking for new event-day attire and pockets are key. Kill a few extra minutes in Starbucks charging my phone (story of my life) and you-guessed-it, answering emails!

5:30 PM Attend a cocktail party at Bryan Voltaggio's latest restaurant RANGE, to check out their private dining options. We're huge fans Chef Voltaggio and I've been wanting to give it a try. Thankful Emily was able to handle the client meeting tonight solo so I didn't have to miss out.  And with menu items like "seamless goat cheese ravioli with braised meat ragu" can you blame me? With flexible private rooms that can accommodate from 20 - 100, an all-star menu and easy metro accessibility, we can't wait for our clients to see this space! Perfect rehearsal dinner, birthday party or shower spot!  I totally chickened out on a photo opportunity with Chef Voltaggio (didn't want to be THAT girl) or a chance to ask him the inside scoop on Top Chef Masters, but it was great to see him and here first hand his commitment to private dining at his restaurants.


Our Menu for the Evening - Signed by Chef Voltaggio

8:00 PM I'm home!  Connect with Emily, answer more emails for a few more hours and call it a day!  I'm exhausted!

As small business owners, our day is a constant balance between managing client accounts (doing the work people pay us to do!), business development (making sure there is work to do in the future), networking (with industry peers; relationships mean everything in this business and our clients benefit from having well-connected planners), administrative tasks of running our own company (e.g. accounting, taxes, supplies, organizing our studio) and personal life.  We're so fortunate to work for ourselves and never lose site of how lucky we are.


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